27 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our Lantern Printing friends. Its been a huge year, the doors have now closed and we will reopen 5th of Jan 2015, thank you!

18 October 2014

Midnight Modern by Tom Blachford

                              For more info CLICK HERE!

Otoshimono by Andrea Innocent

                                  For more info CLICK HERE!

04 August 2014

Femme Fatale by Lucy Hardie & Jazmina Cininas

See Lucy Hardie and Jazmina Cininas amazing work at Metropolis Gallery, Geelong, click for more info!

28 July 2014

Maryla Johns @ Boom.

                New works by Maryla Johns opens 18th July at BOOM!

03 July 2014

Signs of our times by Stephanie Stead

Signs of our times by Stephanie Stead opens tonight at The Gallery, City Library, 255 Flinders Lane Melbourne, for more info CLICK HERE!

Simon Deere SEED

Seed by Simon Deere opens tonight, check it out at Brunswick Street Gallery, for more info CLICK HERE!

06 June 2014

Emotion by Eddy Sara

Loved printing this one.... For more please see Raglan Street Galley!

02 June 2014

Anita Beaney @ BOOM!

Check out this one... shot on film, then scanned and printed on art paper. At BOOM Gallery now!

23 April 2014

Rites Of Passage 2014

Rites of Passage on this weekend! Featuring Joel Melrose, Emily Rose Murray and Gordie Cole. For more info   Click here!

20 April 2014

Richard Payne 'Nectar of the Gods'

     Richard Payne 'Nectar of the Gods' on now at The Convert Gallery
     Daylesford, more info click here.

11 April 2014

The Greatest Colouring Book That Ever Was!

                             For more info see 69smithstreet

05 April 2014

14 February 2014


Jump on this one! We have done a stack of amazing work for many of the artists showing at SG. See www.supergraph.com.au for more info.

Royal Exhibition Building, 8 Nicholson Street Carlton.

Friday February 14, 2014Opening Party 6pm -10pmSaturday February 15, 201410am – 10pmSunday February 16, 201410am – 5pm

10 February 2014


Hello dear Lantern followers... we have been back and printing now for a couple weeks. The pigments in the printers are flowing and all is good. Lots happening, Sony has released a 36meapixel camera, same chip as the Nikon for $2500.00, the last 'mini lab' in our area has shut up shop, poor old Ilford Imaging looks finally dead in the water, just shows even up to date digital companies are not safe! We have been testing a 320gsm textured art paper rag and will start offering it in the next couple of months....and for all our updates and fresh client works, you can check out our Instagram page Lantern_Printing.

23 December 2013

Lantern Printing and Scanning Services

                  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  It's that time of the year again! Thank you for all your support and we are back from Monday the 13th of January 2014. Keep up to date with all our going ons via instagram. #Lantern_Printing
      Karl Stamer - 0402 205 006 - hello@lanternprinting.com

19 November 2013

Running With Scissors

                                    More info rtistgallery.com

15 November 2013

24 October 2013

The Nature Of Plants

Our friends at Jenny Phillips school have a opening tonight... Lots of great artist and heaps of art prints are up for grabs!

03 October 2013

Big Weekend!

               Yes its on again... Finders Keepers CLICK HERE!

The Friends hold regular botanic art exhibitions.  Every 2 years The Biennial Art of Botanical Illustration Exhibition, of over 150 original works of art is held.  In between the Friends hold exhibitions of smaller works and unframed works, special plant genus projects.

     Proudly printed this show for Oli Sansom, more info Hogan Gallery.

25 September 2013

MINT No Vacancy Gallery

Green is a colour that can evoke many different feelings and associations– endless rolling hills, a crunchy Granny Smith, a suitcase full of dollar bills– but what does it mean to you­? Does it stir positive musings of freshness and approval, or more sinister infestations of greed and envy? Or perhaps something entirely different? A collection of young local creatives from The Short List bring you their interpretations of the colour green in their latest exhibition, MINT.

No Vacancy Gallery QV
34 - 40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne, 3000


10 September 2013

Monstrous At Neospace

OPENING CELEBRATION Saturday 14th September 3 – 5pm
Curated by Rona Green11 September – 11 October 2013


For more info Neospace

05 September 2013

Emma Leonard

Emma Leonard's East of the sun, west of the moon opens tonight! More details, see NoVacancy Gallery.

No Vacancy Project Gallery
Tenancy 32, The Atrium, Federation Square


03 September 2013

Pop Up Shop!

Pop Up Shop with Dawn Tan, Madeleine Stamer, Acapulco Chair and Rah Rah rags!
At MSG Gallery, 126 Bay Street, Brighton.
For more details CLICK HERE!

02 September 2013

Dangerfork Print Show

Dangerfork Print Show, looks good.. great artist! Well worth the trip.

28 August 2013

Rosemary Donnelly

Rosemary Donnelly at Salt Gallery in Queenscliff.. get on down!

22 August 2013


'Big shout out' to all our many friends and clients who appeared on The Block Skyhigh this season. It was easily the most successful season for Melbourne artists and retailers in general.
Name dropping again..
Eleanor Voterakis, Emily Green, Ubabub, Madeleine Stamer,  Emma Cleine, Lucy Fegan, Ali McNabney Stevens and Julia Green. We also saw a few of our favorite retailers appear Modern Times, Sign and Numbered, Outre Gallery and Hut 13.

13 August 2013


Well worth a look... check it out, opening this Friday 16 of August!

More Info

99 Greville St Prahran 
3181 Victoria

08 August 2013

'A statement of mind too'

'A Statement of Mind too' is a collection of works by Jacqui Chaplin. After a successful show at Mr Percival in East Malvern. She is now showing at The Convent Gallery in Daylesford, its on till Thursday the 15 of August. So if your up that way, stop in for a cup of tea and check out cool art.

More Info
The convent Gallery
7 Daly Street,

02 August 2013

Ashlea Bechaz

Sundevar's Wonder Bazaar is a collection of works by Ashlea Bechaz.
Opening tonight Friday 2nd of August and running till Wednesday 4th of September.
Shop 2,
1642 Burwood Highway,

18 July 2013

Pia Mitchell

      A series of illustrations focusing on varying degrees of human isolation.  In an increasingly digital and connected world, it is easy to be forgotten and lose touch. Through the use of colour and shape, faces and hands are highlighted against patterned backgrounds. Painted textures and layers balance the digital illustration, giving a human touch to the computer based illustrations.

Opening Night: Friday 19 July 6-9pm 
Exhibition Dates: 19 July - 2 August 2013, 
for more info see Off The Kerb Gallery.

16 July 2013

Lumiere Art and Co

Did you watch The Block recently?! If you're familiar with the show you'd certainly be aware of twin sisters Alisa and Lynsandra. They commissioned Melbourne artist Emma Cleine to design a giant giclee art print of a spectactular Protea for their entrance hall. We are proudly assisting Emma with reprints of this stunning image. For more info go to The Block Shop!

09 July 2013

Creature Creature

CREATURE CREATURE is a partnership comprising of Ambrose and Chanel, based in Melbourne. They focus on commercial illustration, graphic design and exhibiting art. And are making some very cool art.. Get down to there show this friday

“BRUISER” by Creature Creature will feature a bold new series of artwork revolving around combatants, duellist and the fighting spirit. Many of the pieces are portraiture inspired by historical female warriors.
 This new body of work stays true to the style of Creature Creature, blending street art, illustration and design, with concepts of duality, east meets west, and the natural world. As well as many appearances from their alter egos. Dragon and Unicorn!

CHAOTIC Gallery,
101 Aerosol Alley,

29 June 2013

Bunny Love

A bit of Bunny love.. Lepus Australis opens Thursday 4th July and runs till 14th July. For more info click here!

No Vacancy Gallery QV
34-40 Jane Bell Lane

24 June 2013

Eleanor Voterakis

In 2012, Eleanor posted a daily drawing on Instagram for 150 consecutive days. As she began to gain followers and ‘likes’, it got her thinking about the possibilities for an exhibition.  As Eleanor says, “Anyone familiar with social media knows that it’s all about ‘likes’! Top 40 is the 40 most ‘liked’ drawings.”
Eleanor explained to me that some of her personal favourites, such as the portraits, didn't make the cut! Eleanor's Instagram followers “are the 'instacurators' of Top 40.” 
Top 40

Opening 6 - 8 pm Thursday 27th June

Exhibition Dates 28th June - 11th July

15 June 2013

Madeleine Stamer WORKS ON PAPER

Works On Paper by Madeleine Stamer opens this Tuesday 18 of June from 6 till 8pm and runs till 20 July at Hut 13 in Armadale. Taco truck is on hand for all you foodies...

12 June 2013

New work for Ubabub

Congratulations to our friends at Ubabub, their spectacular Giclee Sundae print featured on The Block in Madi and Jarrod's winning bedroom reveal. Imagine waking up to the good vibes beaming from that colourful beauty each morning! Well done guys.

08 June 2013

Alice Oehr

Alice Oehr Open Studio closing Party, Sunday at Harvest, very cool Giclee prints and stuff for sale! Boogie on down...

06 June 2013

Inky Splashy Good Times

Grab a drink and check out a collection of works by Josh Radford at The Kent Street Bar, 210 Smith Street Fitzroy.


04 June 2013

The Block

If you're a fan of The Block you may have noticed a pair of Big Bird Heads perched above stylish contestants Johnno & Trixie's bed head. The birdy pair looked right at home and impressed the judges.  Full props to my wife Madeleine Stamer for the awesome art and I'll take credit for the printing ;o)

29 May 2013

Robyn Veleff

Robyn Veleff, grab a bite at Denche Cafe in Fitzroy and check some lovely art at the same time!